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Compiling under Visual Studio 7 (aka .NET)

From: Darcy L. Watkins
Subject: Compiling under Visual Studio 7 (aka .NET)
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 13:25:40 -0800


Has anyone else attempted to compile under Visual Studio 7 (aka .NET)?

I have Visual C++.NET standard which has Visual C++ without the rest of the
.NET stuff (and also lacks the optimization).

I searched for and ran "%VSCOMNTOOLS%vsvars32.bat" to set up the environment
variables since the paths are all different in the .NET scheme of things (so
the manual steps won't work).

I then ran nmake to build the GNU make 3.80 per the readme file

Everything compiled ok (with some warnings and a note that optimization is
off), however the link failed with numerous unresolved externals (hash
related functions).

When I checked into cause, I noticed that "hash.obj" was missing from the
"OBJS" macro in Nmakefile.

I added it and rebuilt it ok and it linked.  (This would be "unmanaged"
code, not using the .NET features).

It appears to work ok (but I never ran the official test suite on it).  I
wound up switching to CYGWIN (and the GNU make bundled with it) because it
more gracefully handles compatibility problems with the old DPMI scheme in
Borland's C++ 3.1 which I am using for 16 bit embedded x86 experiments.

My biggest disappointment with GNU make is the lack of support for "<<"
redirection which is a "must have" for DOS / Windows which has that
notorious command line limitation.  Fortunately this can be worked around
using "echo" which is implemented internal to make so really long lines can
be piped to generate a DOS response file (i.e. "@" file).



Darcy L. Watkins

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