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Building V3.80 on Win32

From: Bijal Shah
Subject: Building V3.80 on Win32
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 15:31:08 +0100

I found a bug in the distribution when trying to build using Visual C++ 6.0
via the build_w32.bat file. The hash.c file is not built and linked - its
missed off the compile list. It is any easy fix - just copy and existing
compilation line and change the name of the compile file and output file.

Exactly the same problem affects the NMakefile in the release, and this is
fixed by adding the hash object file name as others are named.

There is also a bug in the documentation (I think) for the Readme.w32 - it
should also say to ensure that MAKE environment variable unset. This relates
to the next bug.

The build_w32.bat does a "set make=gnumake" and uses %make% in the rest of
the script. It doesn't unset it at the end however so it pollutes the
calling shells environment. Unfortunately, in Win32, this means that any
make run after that will pick up $(MAKE) as 'gnumake' - the name in the
makefile should be different or should be reset at the end of the batch
file. This tripped me up a couple of times until I saw the line in the batch

Finally (and very nit-picky of me) the generate executable is name
gnumake.exe using the batch file and make.exe using the NMakefile.

Yours pedantically,

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