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From: don pedro
Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2002 03:26:49 -1000

Attn: President/CEO

Dear Sir,

I am Mrs. mariam Abacha the wife of the late former military head of state of 
the federal republic of Nigeria in person of General Sanni Abacha.

Please I have a need which I will solicit for your assistance.  As you may have 
heard, my husband died some time ago due to cardiac arrest deaseas and before 
he died as the head of state of Nigeria, he had several account running into 
billions of dollars, he had about $700M dollars with the Swiss Bank, and $500 M 
dollars with the Dutch Bank and so many international and local bank account 
which ran into billions of dollars. But immediately after his death and the 
civiliam government took over all my husband's account were frozen by the 
civiliam government as a result of his death you can see how wicked people can 
be even some of them that worked under my husband started leaking out of  some 
of his asset to the government to seize.

My main aim of soliciting for your assistance now is that immediately we heard 
of my husband's death, my husband had informed me of $30million dollars which 
he packaged and sealed in three metal boxes, so before we were kept under 
restriction of movement my first son secretly shifted this boxes containing the 
$30m dollars to Europe through a security company and for the sake of passing 
all security checks this money was defaced so that  the european government 
does not track down the consignment and seize it, so that is why it was defaced 
and sealed as a diplomatice consignment bearing the diplomatice TAGGED DELIVER 
TO THE BEARER. For this transaction of transfering this diplomatic consignment 
we were charged a total of $75,000 dollars and as a matter of urgency we 
deposited an upfront payment of $50,000 dollars to balance $25,000 on the day 
of claim, so for the fact that we are under restriction of movement and as such 
we can not travel out of this country that is why we need 
your assistance to help us claim this fund and keep it until we regain our 
freedon sequent to that my son can come to your country for our own share of 
the money and for every assistance both financially, morally and mentally we 
will compensate you with 40% of th total sum while 50% will be for us and 10% 
will be set aside to settle every expenses incurred in this transaction.

As a matter of urgency for us to conclude this transaction this is the 
information we need from you.

1.      To help us pay the balance of the $25,000 on the day of claim.
2.      If you will be willing to meet with the officials of the security 
3.      We need your residential address where my lawyer representig us in this 
transaction can come over or even my son.
4.      Your company name because all the document of deposit has to bear your 
name and your company on them.

5.      Your phone and fax numbers, so that this documents can be sent to you 
as soon as possible.
6.      Your personal international passport for our own identification so that 
either my lawyer or my son can identify you when any of them is coming for our 

Finally we will like you to think postively towards this great assistance 
because only serious minded and God fearing person is needed in this 
transaction and please be confidential and upon satisfactory conclusion on 
assisting w e treat with utmost urgency.  Awaiting your prompt response.

Yours faithfully,
Hajia Mariam Abacha
C/o Barr. Don Pedro

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