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Re[2]: [Mingw-users] Why MinGW-Make ignore variable 'SHELL'?

From: Michael Kuzmin
Subject: Re[2]: [Mingw-users] Why MinGW-Make ignore variable 'SHELL'?
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 02:32:33 +0400


>> > How do i set '' as command interpreter in makefiles?
>> > Set up variable 'SHELL' not work.

EB> By variable SHELL do you mean within the Makefile or do you mean an
EB> environment variable?
within Makefile:
  SHELL=c:\ /c
It's right syntax?

EB> Are you using the "native windows" port or the Cygwin version or
EB> something else?
MinGW port from 'make-3.79.1-20010722.tar.gz'

EB> Try removing Cygwin from your path or renaming it's sh.exe and see
EB> if that gets you any further.
Yes, it work. But it is only temporary decision.

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