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Re: Questions...

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: Questions...
Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2002 00:41:01 -0400

"Wagner, Phillip W." wrote:
> 2. I am dealing with a compiler that will create a target file (
>     .i or .obj) with a zero size when it errors.  I need to allow
>     make to execute with errors suppressed as "acceptable"
>     warnings occur that stop make.  Is there a way that make would
>     be able to check for files with 0 size to force them to be
>     rebuilt in the Win/DOS environment?  Otherwise with the correct
>     file date time stamp make will consider the files complete and
>     not try a rebuild.

The method I use to create .d dependency files
automatically used to fail sometimes. To
diagnose the failures, I used a target like

.PHONY: check_empty_depends
        @$(ECHO) Checking for zero-byte dependency files:
        @$(LS) --recursive --format=long ../bin/ \
          | $(GREP) '\.d' \
          | $(GREP) -w 0 \
          | $(WC) -l \
          | $(SED) 's/^/  /' \
          | $(SED) -e's/$$/ dependency file(s) defective/'

I guess you could adapt that to remove the
zero-byte files, and then running make again
(after fixing the problem) would rebuild them.

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