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Re: Calling submakes

From: Rob Tulloh
Subject: Re: Calling submakes
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 23:04:24 -0500


GNU make is supposed to read the first rule that is not preceeded by a
'.' and
execute that as the default rule when invoked. In your case, this would
be the 'all'
rule so there should be no difference between 'make' and 'make all'. I
wonder if
your Makefile in your note is correct. I wrote one that looks like this:

SUBDIRS = one two three


all: $(SUBDIRS)

        $(MAKE) -C $@

It works for both style invocations. I am using make 3.78.1 for my test.
Is this
problem particular to the version of make you are running?


Roko Kruze wrote:

> I've having a little problem with the latest version of make that
> maybe someone has had before.
> I'm going through a directory listing and calling all the submakes
> under them.It looks something like.
> DIRS = one \
> two \
> three \
> four
> .PHONY: $(DIRS) all
> all:$(DIRS)
> Now if I call just 'make' it only goes into one and skips everything
> else.However, if I call 'make all' it goes into all of them. Anyway to
> get around this?
> -Roko

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