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Dependencies and clean

From: Bijal Shah
Subject: Dependencies and clean
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 18:20:43 +0100

This is more a question for those experienced makefile writers out there.

I use the system suggested on P31 of the GNU make manual (3.79) to generate
dependency files (.d) for my C files. This works well. The problems come as

*       If I specify to "clean" my dependency files and run clean before any
dependencies have been generated, I find that the system will generate the
dependencies in order to clean them. Is there any way of preventing this
other than conditionally including the dependencies?

*       Having a "rebuild" target seems to cause issues. Rebuild is defined
to rely on "clean" then the main target. The clean removes the dependency
files, but make doesn't re-generate them automatically. This means that if I
do a rebuild then a normal build, the second build will generate
dependencies again without rebuilting the final target.

They are kind of related, but I can't see an easy way around it. What I have
is a complex rule to examine $(MAKECMDGOALS) in order to work out if it
should include the dependencies or not.

Any thoughts on the subject would be much appreciated.


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