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[Mailutils-i18n] You think you have enough size?

From: Costa Muhammad
Subject: [Mailutils-i18n] You think you have enough size?
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 09:05:01 +0000

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    'Is that you, Ivan Savyelich? '
    Varenukha  shuddered, turned round and saw  before  him a shortish, fat
creature with what seemed like the face of a cat.
    'Yes . . .' replied Varenukha coldly.
    'Delighted  to  meet you,'  answered the  stout, cat-like  personage.
Suddenly it swung round  and gave  Varenukha such a  box on the ear that his
cap flew off and vanished without trace into one of the lavatory pans.
    For a moment the blow  made the toilet shimmer with a flickering light.
A clap  of  thunder  came from the sky.  Then there was  a second flash  and

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