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Automatic generation of make dependency rules

From: David M. Warme
Subject: Automatic generation of make dependency rules
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 10:16:43 -0500

GNU m4 developers,

Here are patches that Lorenzo Di Gregorio and I are submitting
for the long-needed capability for m4 to automatically generate
make dependency rules.

This version of the patch is for branch-1.4.

I have a stand-alone shell script that can be invoked as follows:

    test-m4-makedep.sh m4_executable_path

that tests all of the functionality of these features.  This
script is NOT part of this patch because I could not find any
simple way to incorporate it into the make procedure.  (These
same tests are done using autotest in my patch for master.)
If you know of a simple way to hook this script up in the
Makefiles, I will be happy to send in the script.  Otherwise
we can omit the regression tests on branches other than master.

David Warme

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