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Re: [5/18] argv_ref speedup: add notion of quote age

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: [5/18] argv_ref speedup: add notion of quote age
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 13:26:53 +0800

Hi Eric,

On 7 Dec 2007, at 22:14, Eric Blake wrote:
The next in the series. I hope I got everything correct on the head - the addition of changesyntax made porting this patch more interesting, because there were more corner cases to think about. In general, this patch adds
some timing overhead, and has little impact on memory (on head, it
actually uses slightly less memory).

The idea behind this patch is as follows. Since m4 allows redefining the
behavior of the input engine on the fly (changequote, changecom,
changeword, changesyntax), we must ensure correct reparse in those corner cases. Our goal is to reparse text as few times as possible - once text has been parsed, we know what quoting rules it follows, so we cache that information alongside each string of parsed text. Then when reparsing, we can see if the quote age remains the same, in which case we don't have to
waste time parsing that string, but can use the entire string as is.
Setting quote_age to be hardcoded to 0 will produce the same results, but
without the benefit of reparsing.

2007-12-07  Eric Blake  <address@hidden>

        Stage 5: add notion of quote age.
        * src/input.c: Comment cleanups.
        (current_quote_age): New global variable.
        (set_quote_age): New helper function.
        (input_init, set_word_regexp): Use it.
        (set_quotes, set_comment): Likewise, and detect no-op changes.
        (quote_age, safe_quotes): New functions.
        (next_token): Track quote age.
        * src/m4.h (struct token_data): Add quote_age member.
        (TOKEN_DATA_QUOTE_AGE, quote_age, safe_quotes): New prototypes.
        * src/macro.c (struct macro_arguments): Add quote_age member.
        (expand_token): Alter signature and track quote age.
        (expand_input, expand_argument): All callers changed.
        (collect_arguments, make_argv_ref): Track quote age.
        (arg_text, arg_len, arg_func): Detect type mismatch.
        * doc/m4.texinfo (Ifelse, Changequote): Add more tests.
        (Incompatibilities): Fix typo.
        * examples/wraplifo.m4: New file.
        * examples/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute it.

IMHO, the nice explanations you are giving above the ChangeLog entries in this patch series really belong inside the ChangeLog itself. I would have found understanding the semantics of the patches much harder without that extra text, and I suspect future readers of the ChangeLog and the changeset
history would benefit equally.

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