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Re: Building m4 on BSDI 4.0.1

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: Building m4 on BSDI 4.0.1
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 08:02:50 -0700
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According to Chris McGuire on 1/3/2007 7:46 AM:
>>> source='mbchar.c' object='mbchar.o' libtool=no \
>>>         DEPDIR=.deps depmode=gcc /bin/bash ../depcomp \
>>>         gcc  -I.     -g -O2 -c mbchar.c
>>> In file included from mbchar.h:157,
>>>                  from mbchar.c:22:
>>> /usr/include/wchar.h:16: syntax error before `*'
>> I'm still not sure why your system wchar.h breaks the compile.  What does
>> /usr/include/wchar.h look like around line 16?  ('head -n20
>> /usr/include/wchar.h' might be useful).  Once we figure out what
>> prerequisite header is missing from gnulib's mbchar.[ch], we can hopefully
>> get that fixed.
> Here's the output you requested:
> ----------------------------------------------
> /*      BSDI wchar.h,v 2.1 1997/10/30 22:40:34 donn Exp */
> /*
>  * Wide character support.
>  */
> typedef int wint_t;
> typedef int wctype_t;
> #define WEOF    (-1)
> #define EILSEQ  101
> wint_t fgetwc(FILE *stream);
> wint_t getwc(FILE *stream);
> wint_t getwchar();
> wchar_t * fgetws(wchar_t *ws, int n, FILE *stream);

Aha - it looks like your platform forgot to declare wchar_t locally, and
all that is needed is to add the appropriate typedef before including
<wchar.h>.  Can we get this fix into the gnulib modules that use
wchar.h/wctype.h?  Can you check if any other platform header defines wchar_t?

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