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verror_r [WAS Re: rfc: new __program__ macro]

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: verror_r [WAS Re: rfc: new __program__ macro]
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 15:26:54 +0100
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Hey Eric!

Eric Blake wrote:
> Man, I wish I could get glibc to provide a va_list variant of
> error/error_at_line (I'm in the process of proposing that, trying to bring
> gnulib and glibc back in sync and fix other bugs in the error.c module).

Yeah, I saw that thread go by on bug-gnulib.

I agree with you that the current glibc API doesn't fit our needs at
all, but I also don't think using a kludgy macro to paper over the
cracks is a good approach.  I see no problem with writing our own error
module with an API we like, and using that.  We can write it in such a
way as to not break the existing glibc API, and if gnulib or glibc take
the code (or an equivalent) in due course, then all well and good, but
even if they don't:  we still have a sensible API for our use.

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