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Re: regex.c not 64-bit clean (?)

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: regex.c not 64-bit clean (?)
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 11:46:12 -0700
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Santiago Vila <address@hidden> writes:

> checking for ssize_t... no

This is the crucial problem (in Output2).  That test cases includes
<sys/types.h> and decides that you don't have ssize_t, so it puts
"#define ssize_t int" into config.h.  Yet, as the other files make
clear, your host does have a ssize_t typedef in <sys/types.h>.
Can you please inspect config.log for the failing test, and find
out why it mistakenly thinks your host lacks ssize_t?  Thanks.

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