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AUTHORS update

From: Eric Blake
Subject: AUTHORS update
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 14:31:20 +0000 (UTC)
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Proposed is a patch to update AUTHORS according to 
fencepost.gnu.org's /gd/gnuorg/copyright.list.  This patch proposes removing
names from THANKS that also appear in AUTHORS, as that seemed to already be the 
case for several contributors; let me know if you would rather see people with 
copyright assignments listed in both files.  If I don't hear anything in a week 
or two, I will go ahead and commit this as is.

This also points out that some recent patches are now clear to be applied 
(sorry for not noticing it in March, when the assignment went through, since I 
was not notified); I hope to get to that soon if Gary or anyone else does not 
beat me:

Due to the number of email addresses in the patch, I post-processed it with
sed 's,\@,<AT>,g'
before attaching it here.  Of course, that means you will need to process this 
message with
sed 's,<AT>,\@,g'
before it will apply as a patch.

2006-05-05  Eric Blake  <address@hidden>

        * AUTHORS: Update to fencepost.gnu.org's current list.

RCS file: /sources/m4/m4/AUTHORS,v
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -u -r1.2 AUTHORS
--- AUTHORS     24 Nov 2000 01:31:32 -0000      1.2
+++ AUTHORS     5 May 2006 14:23:35 -0000
<AT><AT> -39,3 +39,47 <AT><AT>
 M4     Gary V. Vaughan UK  1970                2000-10-02
 Assigns past and future changes.
+M4      Akim Demaille   France  1970    2001-11-01
+Assigns past and future changes.
+M4      Andrew James Bettison   Australia       1964    2001-11-19
+Assigns past and future changes. (list with assignment)
+M4      Noah Jeffrey Misch      United States   1984    2004-07-05
+Assigns past and future changes.
+M4      Michael Elizabeth Chastain      Us      1962    2001-12-27
+Assigns past and future changes.
+M4      William C. Cox  United States   1945    2004-12-04
+Assigns past and future changes.
+M4      Alexandre Duret-Lutz    France  1978    2004-12-04
+Assigns past and future changes.
+M4      John Gatewood Ham       USA, 1964       2005-11-01      
+Assigns Past and Future Changes
+Changed files:
+m4-1.4.3/COPYING,m4-1.4.3/ChangeLog,m4-1.4.3/README, m4-1.4.3/THANKS, m4-
+hecks/Makefile.in, m4-1.4.3/doc/m4.texinfo,m4-1.4.3/src/m4.c, New file: m4-
+M4      Eric Benjamin Blake     USA, 1977       2006-01-18
+Assigns Past and Future Changes
+M4      John Brzustowski        Canada, 1966    2006-03-06
+Assigns Past and Future Changes
+M4      Ralf Wildenhues Germany, 1975   2006-03-20
+Assigns Past and Future Changes
RCS file: /sources/m4/m4/THANKS,v
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -u -r1.2 THANKS
--- THANKS      5 May 2006 13:30:15 -0000       1.2
+++ THANKS      5 May 2006 14:23:35 -0000
<AT><AT> -2,20 +2,21 <AT><AT>
 GNU m4 has originally been written by Rene' Seindal.  Many people
 further contributed to GNU m4 by reporting problems, suggesting
-various improvements or submitting actual code.  Here is a list of
-these people.  Help me keep it complete and exempt of errors.
+various improvements or submitting actual code.  The file AUTHORS
+contains a list of people who made contributions significant enough to
+warrant an exchange of legal papers with the FSF.  This file contains
+a list of remaining contributors.  Help me keep it complete and exempt
+of errors.
 Akiko Matsushita       matusita<AT>sra.co.jp
-Akim Demaille          demaille<AT>inf.enst.fr
 Alan Magnuson          awm<AT>osc.edu
 Alexander Lehmann      alex<AT>hal.rhein-main.de
 Amos Shapira           amoss<AT>cs.huji.ac.il
 Andreas Gustafsson     gson<AT>niksula.hut.fi
 Andreas Schwab         schwab<AT>ls5.informatik.uni-dortmund.de
 Andrew Athan            athan<AT>morgan.com
-Andrew Bettison                andrewb<AT>zip.com.au
 Assar Westerlund       assar<AT>nada.kth.se
 Ben A. Mesander                ben<AT>piglet.cr.usgs.gov
 Ben Elliston           bje<AT>cygnus.com
<AT><AT> -31,10 +32,8 <AT><AT>
 Erez Zadok             ezk<AT>cs.columbia.edu
 Eric Allman            eric<AT>cs.berkeley.edu
 Eric Backus            ericb<AT>lsid.hp.com
-Eric Blake             ebb9<AT>byu.net
 Eric Fischer            enf1<AT>ellis.uchicago.edu
 Erick Branderhorst     Erick.Branderhorst<AT>asml.nl
-François Pinard                pinard<AT>iro.umontreal.ca
 Gary Affonso            Gary_Affonso<AT>iqinc.com
 Geoff Russell          grussell<AT>guest.adelaide.edu.au
 Greg McGary             gkm<AT>cstone.net
<AT><AT> -49,7 +48,6 <AT><AT>
 Jim Meyering            meyering<AT>na-net.ornl.gov
 Joel Sherrill          jsherril<AT>uahcs2.cs.uah.edu
 John David Anglin      dave<AT>hiauly1.hia.nrc.ca
-John Gerard Malecki    johnm<AT>artisan.com
 Joseph E. Sacco                jsacco<AT>ssl.com
 Joshua R. Poulson       jrp<AT>plaza.ds.adp.com
 Karl Berry             karl<AT>cs.umb.edu
<AT><AT> -71,11 +69,9 <AT><AT>
 Nick S. Kanakakorn     skanan<AT>otl.scu.edu
 Nicolas Pioch          pioch<AT>inf.enst.fr
 Noah Friedman          friedman<AT>gnu.org
-Pete Chown             pete.chown<AT>dale.dircon.co.uk
 Pierre Gaumond         gaumondp<AT>ere.umontreal.ca
 Pierre Mathieu         mathieu<AT>geod.emr.ca
 Rafael Corvalan                rafael<AT>club-internet.fr 
-René Seindal           rene<AT>seindal.dk
 Richard Ling            richard<AT>research.canon.oz.au
 Richard Stallman        rms<AT>gnu.org
 Robert Bernstein       rocky<AT>panix.com

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