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Re: dangling pointer bug and proposed patch

From: john
Subject: Re: dangling pointer bug and proposed patch
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 21:14:47 -0000

Hello Eric,

 > Unfortunately, the patch is too big to be considered trivial; are
 > you willing to assign copyright to the FSF?  This is a legal
 > necessity before your patch can be applied.

Of course. I hereby assert authorship of the "dangling pointer bug in
m4" patch, and assign copyright in it to the Free Software Foundation.
I also assert that I am not under any legal obligations which prevent
me from doing this.

Of files affected by this patch, only m4.h has any changes in the CVS
head, so the bug should still be present.  I merged the CVS head into
1.4.4, and the resulting build still has the bug.

(will that do?  I'm new at this.)


John Brzustowski

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