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Re: 12-eregexp-2.patch

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: 12-eregexp-2.patch
Date: 04 Oct 2001 10:08:24 +0200
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| I am mostly nit picking over your English here.  Please forgive me...

Man, I love we people help me improving my English!  Jim regularly
does, and I really enjoy it!  I keep them:

~ % wc jim                                                       nostromo 10:05
   2252   10413   60645 jim

| > +While Open BSD M4 uses extended regular expressions for @code{regexp}
| > +and @code{patsubst}, @sc{gnu} M4 uses basic regular expression.  Use
| > address@hidden (@pxref{Eregexp and Regexp}) and @code{epatsubst}
| > +(@pxref{Epatsubst and Patsubst}) for extended regular expressions.
| An example of using ifelse(__gnu__, [], [regexp(...)], [eregexp(...)])
| or suchlike might be good here?

Hm, not a bad idea!  In fact, I should probably use something like
that in m4sugar which should always provide m4_patsubst as patsubt for
OpenBSD, and epatsubst for GNU M4.

But I guess I will not depend on __GNU__ (yet because I wouldn't be
surprised that Marc _had_ to provide __GNU__ with -g, since Autoconf
_wants_ __GNU__), rather on some

regexp([(a)], [a])

(and btw, ifelse won't do, you'll need ifdef :)

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