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Re: IF / ELSE / ENDIF macros for M4

From: Mr. Clif
Subject: Re: IF / ELSE / ENDIF macros for M4
Date: Tue, 11 May 2021 08:36:17 -0700
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Hello again,

what do you all think about including something like these with the other examples in the upcoming release?

Another person wanting this a while back:

    Any thoughts? :-)

On 4/7/21 9:58 AM, Mr. Clif wrote:

I heard a long time ago that CPP was derived from M4, and read that a few folks including myself have looked for IF / ENDIF type macros to use on other projects. CPP is not ideal in that it wants to take extra steps like tokenizing the source.

Here is a post from someone else looking:


So not finding anything like this, I wrote some that seem to work pretty well. Here they are:


I defined the names without the #'s eg. IF, ELSE, ENDIF, etc... Also M4 requires parentheses to hold the arguments where CPP does not (at least for most of these). I also added a selective invoke, to protect macros with side effects from invocation in an unselected block.

I was wondering if they pass muster, if the devs might consider including them or something similar in M4's list of examples. 


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