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Re: Take command line arguments to generate an awk script

From: Grant Taylor
Subject: Re: Take command line arguments to generate an awk script
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2018 23:30:47 -0700
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On 11/24/18 10:03 AM, Peng Yu wrote:


I'd like to generate the following awk script, where an array of number (such as 1,3 in the following example) should be taken from the command line. I am not familiar with m4 to make this work especially for an array in the command line argument.

I think you will need to define a macro on the command line and then use it in the m4 file.

m4 --define=MACRO=value example.m4

You passed "MACRO" as the value to M`'ACRO.

Could anybody help show me a working m4 example to generate an awk script like this? Thanks.

I don't understand enough about your request to be able to interpret your needs. Specifically:

· I don't know if the number of command line parameters is variable or fixed. · I don't know if or how the AWK file changes based on what is passed to m4. · I would like to see hypothetical input and desired output of both m4 and AWK.

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