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Re: m4_patsubst equivalent of: sed -e 's~(~%28~g' -e 's~)~%29~g'

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: m4_patsubst equivalent of: sed -e 's~(~%28~g' -e 's~)~%29~g'
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2018 11:53:15 -0500
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On 08/29/2018 11:38 AM, address@hidden wrote:
Is there an m4 macro in one of the autoconf m4 libs that can do
two substitutions like?:

     sed -e 's~(~%28~g' -e 's~)~%29~g'

or does this require calling m4_patsubst twice with nesting and
perhaps m4_pushdef / m4_popdef?  I want to do this substitution on the
expanded results of another m4 macro.

You mention the autoconf m4 libs; have you looked at m4_bpatsubsts(string, regex-1, subst-1, regex-2, subst-2, ...)

But under the hood, native m4 patsubst can only do one substitution per macro invitation, so you'd have to arrange your two separate pattern substitutions via multiple calls (whether nested or sequential); similar to how m4_bpatsubsts in Autoconf is already set to perform those multiple calls.

In general is there a suggested approach to this, without resorting to 'sed'?

Looking at how autoconf did it may be informative:

[m4_if([$#], 0, [m4_fatal([$0: too few arguments: $#])],
       [$#], 1, [m4_fatal([$0: too few arguments: $#: $1])],
       [$#], 2, [m4_unquote(m4_builtin([patsubst], [[$1]], [$2]))],
       [$#], 3, [m4_unquote(m4_builtin([patsubst], [[$1]], [$2], [$3]))],
       [_$0(address@hidden(m4_eval($# & 1), 0, [,]))])])
[m4_if([$#], 2, [$1],
       [$0(m4_builtin([patsubst], [[$1]], [$2], [$3]),

Basically, the iteration performs the substitution on an over-quoted string for each pattern to be substituted, then removes the overquotation at the end of the recursion, with the drawback that ^ and $ anchors don't work quite as expected (but your example sed script did not use anchors).

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