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Re: asterisks, dollar signs and percent signs!

From: Anonymous
Subject: Re: asterisks, dollar signs and percent signs!
Date: Wed, 02 May 2012 14:32:39 +0200

> > This works as desired except I want to change the macro names to $entry and
> > $exit.
> An m4 macro name cannot contain a dollar sign ("$").
>     File: m4.info,  Node: Names,  Next: Quoted strings,  Up: Syntax
>     3.1 Macro names
>     ===============
>     A name is any sequence of letters, digits, and the character `_'
>     (underscore), where the first character is not a digit.

Thanks Jack. I read that a few times I kept missing it. "But the first
letter isn't a digit!" I said to myself. (Facepalm)

That will probably work for me. I liked the dollar sign because it is more
obvious than an underscore but maybe it is not portable to other versions of
m4. I will check that.

Thanks to you and Eric for the explanations. It is working fine now with
underscore, and I am quoting the macro names as Eric suggested.


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