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Re: Using m4 between the C preprocessor and compiler?

From: Raphaël “Kena” Poss
Subject: Re: Using m4 between the C preprocessor and compiler?
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 14:56:33 +0200

Hi Erik,

thanks for your feedback; as for your suggestions:

Op 5 jul 2009, om 00:37 heeft Eric Blake het volgende geschreven:
It would be nice if in the future m4 would allow multiple sets of comment delimiters, but someone would have to contribute that patch. I think you
are correct that for now you are stuck with another filter pass.

Since I have written this filter already this is not an issue.

Actually, the syntax that I'm thinking of would be:

__line__ - expand to the current notion of line; this always
autoincrements from prior values as each newline is encountered

__line__(value) - set the new internal line counter value

Possibly, you'd want to set the internal line counter value to the supplied value - 1, since the __line__() macro invocation is likely to be present on a line of its own.

Of course, if you have already a patch in mind I would be glad to beta- test it :)


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