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Re: A new Autotools book

From: Robert J. Hansen
Subject: Re: A new Autotools book
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 13:30:55 -0500
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John Calcote wrote:
3. Please don't try to avoid hurting my feelings - tell me like it is.
I'd rather be wrong in front of you guys than look stupid to the rest
of the world.

I've not had time to do more than skim the introduction, but if the rest of the book is of a similar character, I look forward to reading it. I'm not an Autotools fan--I'm one of the "Autotools haters" you mention in your introduction. I think Autotools is probably the worst build system out there, with the possible exception of everything else that's been tried. (Except for Ant. Ant is simply beautiful.)

If you can deal with getting reviews from someone who actively dislikes Autotools and thinks its only redeeming virtue (and by no means a small one) is that it can actually do the job, well... I'd be happy to go over it with a red pen. :)

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