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Re: license question

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: license question
Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2007 14:37:13 -0600
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According to Gary V. Vaughan on 8/4/2007 1:38 PM:
> Hi Eric,

Hi Gary,

> Sorry for the late reply.

That's fine.

> On Jul 25, 2007, at 12:04 AM, Eric Blake wrote:
>> While cleaning up the GPLv3 update, I noticed that CVS Head currently has
>> m4/COPYING.LIB with LGPL 2.1, inserted in 2000 by Gary.  But nothing in
>> CVS mentions being licensed under LGPL.  Now that LGPLv3 is available,
>> there's even less reason to refer to LGPL 2.1 in CVS.  I'm thinking the
>> best thing to do is just remove COPYING.LIB, but I wanted to make sure
>> before doing it.
> IIRC (and memory does get a little hazy after 7 years!), I was thinking of
> shipping libm4 under LGPL at the time.  I'm not especially attached to that
> idea though, so feel free to remove if you'd like.

OK, I'm removing it for now, particularly since libm4 currently pulls in
some GPL-only files from gnulib.

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