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Re: format bug

From: Eric Blake-1
Subject: Re: format bug
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 07:52:01 -0700 (PDT)

Howdy, Gary,

> ...but, as long as you're sure others' existing m4 code will not regress
> (I'm looking at autotools here really), then I'm okay with the change.

format isn't used very much in the autotools:

m4 branch-1_4:
currently %c is undocumented, and no existing examples use it
no examples use \

m4 head:
one example uses it, but when I wrote that example earlier
this year, I found it clunky, so I have no qualms changing it
no examples use \

lib/autotest/general.m4 - %d and %s, no \
lib/m4sugar/m4sh.m4 - %s, no \

not found

not found

not found

> Nah, that looks like over-engineering.  Let's just grep through the dev
> and stable branches of autotools for calls to format, and if there are
> no occurrences that will be regressed, outputting a regular warning  
> seems fine to me.

OK, no overengineering necessary. :)  I'll have the patch ready within
the week.

Eric Blake

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