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Re: rfc: new __program__ macro

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: rfc: new __program__ macro
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 09:50:54 +0100
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Hi Eric,

Eric Blake wrote:
> Would it be worth adding __program__ macro, to go along with __file__ and
> __line__, which expands to argv[0] in the same manner that error messages
> do?  That way, if a user invokes m4 via a symlink or absolute path, rather
> than through their PATH, they can match internal m4 messages.  They can
> also use that information to invoke a sub-m4 in syscmd using the same
> version of m4 currently running, rather than picking up an arbitrary m4
> from PATH.

Yes, I think that is an excellent idea.

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