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Macro defining macros...

From: Carlo Contavalli
Subject: Macro defining macros...
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 17:17:36 +0100

Hello, I'm not subscribed to the list (can you carbon copy
my address when replying?) and couldn't find any reference 
in the manual... 
I'm trying to do something like:

  define(`macro1', `define(`macro2', `$0 -- $1 -- $2')')
  macro2(foo, bar)

When expansion takes place, however, I get:

 -- -- 

This means that expansion of macro1 succesfully defined
macro2, but macro2 is not getting $1, $2, correctly...
I would expect to have something like:

macro2 -- foo -- bar

Any suggestion on how to make the above work? What am
I doing wrong?

the following leads to ``strange'' results:

  define(`macro1', `define(`macro2', `$0 -- $1 -- $2')')
  macro1(foo, bar)
  macro2(but, kis)
  macro2(pit, pot)


  -- foo -- bar
  --  --

Thanks for any help,

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