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RE: M4 1.5 development

From: Nick Etson
Subject: RE: M4 1.5 development
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 10:54:10 -0400

What do you mean by copyright assignment?  I don't want to do any non-GPL'ed
work so I'd be more than happy to sign anything to that effect.  I do a
limited amount of development here at work, most of which is specific to our
infrastructure and engineering services and isn't worth opensourcing even if
I was allowed to do so.

Nick Etson
UNIX Systems Administrator
Swales Aerospace
(301) 902-4946 (Voice)

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Subject: Re: M4 1.5 development

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Hi Nick,

On 5 Apr 2004, at 22:18, Nick Etson wrote:
> I would like to be active in developing GNU M4 1.5.  What work needs
> to be
> done?  About how far away until its declared stable?  I can start
> writing
> patches and other stuff to help get it rolling along.

That would be great!  Do you have a copyright assignment with the FSF?
If not,
and you (and possibly your employer if you work as a programmer) are
willing to
sign one, we should start to organise that for you, since we can't
apply your
patches to CVS without it :-(

A nice project to start on might be to add a path modification
mechanism for the
Autoconf people.  Currently the M4PATH (and M4MODPATH) are set at
startup and can't
be changed during the run.  We need to add macros to inspect and modify
the paths
on the fly.

I am working on the next release of libtool to incorporate some libltdl
that m4 needs at the moment.  Once that is done, I want to incorporate
to rewrite the format implementation.  Also, I am trying to track the
latest CVS
gnulib for a lot of the low level supporting code... this is a bit of a
since the import process is manual at the moment, and the script I've
written is
very crude... that could do with updating (and contributing back to the

With those things done, the TODO file needs going through and pruning,
and then
outstanding items will need to be addressed.

At that point, m4 will be so different from 1.4 that I am going to call
the next
release 2.0.

Stability is just a matter of testing on as many architectures as
possible, and
fixing any problems that crop up.  The core is already pretty solid,
but the build
process is a little fragile at the moment.

Thanks for your interest!

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