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Re: New Layout Tamil(Remington)

From: handa
Subject: Re: New Layout Tamil(Remington)
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2021 23:11:37 +0900

In article 
<CAFYqD2rg-wHxk74aC6FxeGsrpXfWRNf49avMLJw6ru_fKCcKnw@mail.gmail.com>, Mohan R 
<mohan43u@gmail.com> writes:

> Do we need any changes in the ta-remington.mim file to commit to m17n-db?

Thank you for the contribution.  I've just committed them to the
repository with this ChangeLog entry.

2021-07-06  Mohan R  <mohan43u@gmail.com>

        * MIM/ta-remington.mim: New input method.
        * icnos/ta-remington.png: New icon file.

K. Handa

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