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[m17n-list] m17n Based Visual Input System: bn-disha

From: Sayak Sarkar
Subject: [m17n-list] m17n Based Visual Input System: bn-disha
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 11:18:22 +0530


As part of my Google Summer of Code Project, I'm working on implementing a Visual Keyboard layout for the Bengali language based on the bn-probhat layout system. I've already done a significant amount of research on the m17n database and the IBus system for the implementation of this system. I've studied the si-wijesekera input system also for this purpose and have an understanding of how the underlying logic is implemented in it.

I've tried to create a similar layout to be able to render the rules and semantics for the Bengali Language based on a certain set of behavioural logic rules. I've also explained the purpose and need for the proposed system in my Blog page, the link to which I've included below. In the page I've also included the project's implementation logic, and the pseudo code for the same. I've included the link to the Github repository of the project below as well, where the MIM file for the project's implementation can be found.

After working on an initial MIM file for the same I've however been unable to validate it. I've tried working out various methods, mostly brute force hacks into my local system for the same, but have been unsuccessful at it.  I would be very grateful if someone from this list could give me suggestions on how the MIM file can be validated.

Also, till now I had been focusing on the MIM file implementation. Once this file is validated, and debugged from any possible bugs, are there any background code implementations that I should be concerned about? Based on my unsuccessful attempts to get the MIM file running, there seem to be quite a few dependencies present for an input layout to work properly. I assume that some modifications may be required within the database itself to get the new input system running.

It would be very helpful if someone in this list could provide me some information about how I can get the MIM file validated and debugged if necessary. Also, if any modifications to the database itself is required for the implementation, could anybody please guide me through how these modifications can be made.


Blog Page: http://sayaksarkar.wordpress.com/disha/

Github Repository: https://github.com/sayak-sarkar/Disha.git


About Me:http://about.me/sayak_sarkar
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sayak_sarkar
Blog: http://sayaksarkar.wordpress.com

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