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Re: [M16C-dev] flash writer

From: Gaspar Sinai
Subject: Re: [M16C-dev] flash writer
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 16:20:03 +0900 (JST)

First, a status: I am progressing pretty well with my
flasher program. I plan to release it under GPL.

I found a good document as a base to my implementation:


This contains not only the serial commands but I could
find reference to CAN (!) from page 275. This might be
useful for someone doing CAN.

I had no problem with the serial commands. I needed
to ponder on sentences like:

Download Function Command: (page 269)

  "The checksum is added to all data sent with the 5th
   byte onward"

and only my engineer vein told me that I don't need to
add the checksum to the data, but rather calculate the
checksum by adding up the data bytes transmitted :)

Now I can do even fancy things, like send a program into RAM,
or read pages from flash and boot area, change baud-rates e.t.c.

The only strange thing I found so far is that there are areas
in the boot area where the data output stops for no reason.
If someone knows why please tell me!

Now I had to put extra "--ignore" flag to ignore errors like


On Fri, 24 Oct 2003, Grant Edwards wrote:
> I spent a couple weeks trying to get the protocol information
> required to write a CAN-bootloader flasher, but was utterly
> unsuccessful.  I don't I even got the FAE to understood what I
> was asking for since he kept pointing me to the page in the
> hardware manual that shows which pins to wire high/low to put
> it into CAN bootloader mode.
> Other vendors manuals contain that sort of info, but
> Mitsubishi's documents and support sure seem lacking.

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