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Re: Docs still unclear on integrity

From: Adam Tuja
Subject: Re: Docs still unclear on integrity
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 17:33:23 +0200

It always checks integrity during decompression.

For example if it decompresses less than stored length one gets a warning:
$ lzip -dk aa-c2.lz
  aa-c2.lz: Data size mismatch; stored 4538 (0x11BA), computed 4537 (0x11B9)
lzip: Deleting output file 'aa-c2', if it exists.
If it decompresses incorrectly, and CRC mismatches:
$ lzip -kd aa-x1.lz
  aa-x1.lz: CRC mismatch; stored 78B961BC, computed 78B961AC
lzip: Deleting output file 'aa-x1', if it exists.
Check `int decompress(...)` in main.cc for reference.

13.06.2022, 15:24, "Askar Safin" <safinaskar@gmail.com>:

Hi. I installed lzip 1.23-3 to my debian from debian repo. Is it true
that default decompression mode (i. e. lzip -d file.lz) verifies
archive? "man lzip" doesn't say anything about this.

Also, is it true that compressed file truncation is absolutely always
detected? (Multiply bit flips are hard to detect with absolute
guarantee, but I think it is quite possible to always detect file
truncation.) Is file truncation detected in default mode (lzip -d
file.lz)? "man lzip" is silent on this

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