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Re: Fast lzma radix matchfinder

From: Adam Tuja
Subject: Re: Fast lzma radix matchfinder
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2022 22:33:58 +0200

> Twice as fast as what?
Twice as fast as normal mode. LZMA, liblzma, lzip use two modes - fast and normal, so it is faster than normal mode.
> Have you tried it against 'lzip -0'?
In lzma, xz, fxz, fast mode is used in levels [0, 3] and are adjustable - ie. parameters, like dictionary, match length, etc. can be adjusted, in lzip it's only level 0, which is not adjustable at all.
The comparison here would be the same as with lzma, that is slightly faster. [1]
Bigger advantage, beside compression speed, is revealed in memory consumption for multiple threads - it's halved for single thread but 1/4 for 2 threads and 1/8 for 4 threads [1][2].
> it is not worth the trouble of breaking lzip's reproducibility
Don't know what you mean by "reproducibility" but I didn't mean to replace current encoder/s, rather complement them. If it was used it could be different compression levels, like 11-19.
[1] https://pastebin.com/DXrB235f
[2] https://i.imgur.com/zlTXsrU.png

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