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tarlz: error archiving broken symbolic link

From: Jason Lenz
Subject: tarlz: error archiving broken symbolic link
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2022 21:46:51 -0600
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I was attempting to use tarlz today and it was displaying errors when archiving symbolic links that pointed to non-existent files.

I was using tarlz version 0.22 with lzlib 1.13 and LZ_API_VERSION = 1013

It would display the following during archive creation:
$ tarlz -cf test.tar.lz /path/to/files
tarlz: /path/to/files/broken-symlink: Error reading link

I checked the subsequent archive and it was not adding the broken symlink to the archive.

When replacing tarlz with standard GNU tar version 1.34 and the exact same command line, it would successfully create the archive containing the broken symlink files.

P.S.: I really appreciate your efforts on lzip and associated utilities. It's exactly what I was looking for in terms of a high quality compression utility that is more tolerant of bit errors and provides recovery options.

Kind regards,
Jason Lenz

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