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ChangeLog encoding; testsuite file/s

From: Adam Tuja
Subject: ChangeLog encoding; testsuite file/s
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2022 18:14:22 +0100

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- all

Hello, In latest lzlib Changlelog there is a name encoded in ISO (iso-8859-15 in this case). If there will be some other name, form other part of the world then it will be encoded differently, therefore displayed differently. You may want to use UTF-8 in this case to unify it (diff attached).

The is a testsuite in every package which, in my opinion is unnecessarily so big. I refer here to `test*(.lz)' files. They don't have to be this big to show and test features they represent. If anything they could be in separate, more elaborate package and current test files could be simplified. I prepared two, well known "anonymous" texts to show this, and they could be replacement for current test that is whole GPL licence. Description in script that makes the multimember part (in zip attached).



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