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[Lzip-bug] Making lzip and plzip interchangeably usable

From: Daniel Baumann
Subject: [Lzip-bug] Making lzip and plzip interchangeably usable
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 12:35:17 +0100
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it would be nice if lzip and plzip would be 'drop in replacements for each other' so that i could install plzip and have lzip symlinked to plzip, that way all my stuff on the system would use plzip without changing anything.

for this to work, the lzip and plzip would need to share the same commandline parameters. fortunately, they almost do.. the only differences wrt/ current releases are:

lzip:  -b, --member-size=<bytes>      set member size limit in bytes
plzip: -B, --data-size=<bytes>        set input data block size in bytes

i guess this is supposed to control the same thing, no?

plzip: -n, --threads=<n>       set the number of (de)compression threads

lzip doesn't have a -n option, it would be good if it had one and would just ignore it (noop).

lzip:  -S, --volume-size=<bytes>      set volume size limit in bytes

i guess the right thing would be to add support for volume size limits in plzip.

lzip:   0 .. -9                       set compression level [default 6]
plzip: -1 .. -9                       set compression level [default 6]

plzip should start at '0' instead of '1' for consistency anyway.

all but the --volume-size are trivial things, would you accept patches for that?

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