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[Lynx-dev] Bug report - Flickering when resizing the terminal window lyn

From: hacksenwerk
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Bug report - Flickering when resizing the terminal window lynx is running in
Date: Thu, 25 May 2023 19:51:29 +0000


Thank you for lynx, I love it! 

I recently found a bug. 

I use lynx in the terminal called rxvt-unicode on Devuan 12 Codename Daedalus. 
When lynx is already running in that terminal and I resize the window, lynx 
flickers when I switch throught the links of an webpage with arrow keys or vi 

I found out, that this also happens in xterminal, but not in xfce4-terminal for 

Someone with much more expertise than me told me, that it could be, that: 
„it also completely loses the background color and line formatting when you 
first resize the window, then when you move the cursor and it redraws, the 
first redraw fixes the layout and colors. it's just that then every subsequent 
redraw is done in vain“ 

At the moment my workarround for this issue is, that I first open my terminal, 
resize the window and only then start lynx. 
But it would be nice to just use my hotkey to start lynx and then resize the 
window (my window manager does not support maximizing windows by default only 
with a keystroke after focusing a window, it is very minimal).

Maybe you can fix this. 

Best Regards 

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