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[Lynx-dev] ANN: lynx2.9.0dev.8

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: [Lynx-dev] ANN: lynx2.9.0dev.8
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2021 01:22:07 +0000
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The current version of lynx is 2.8.9

It's available at
2.9.0 Development & patches:


2021-07-31 (2.9.0dev.8)
* regenerated lynx.pot, sent to translation project -TD
* align options in rpm/deb test-packages -TD
* change keyword-matching in Lynx's special URLs such as LYNXDOWNLOAD to use
  case-insensitive matching to work around idn2's conversion -TD
* build-fix for idn library vs idn2 (report by GV)

Thomas E. Dickey <>

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