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Re: [Lynx-dev] autotools vs. prototypes

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] autotools vs. prototypes
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 20:05:29 -0400
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On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 06:32:44PM -0500, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Aug 27, 2020, at 18:18, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> > Ryan Schmidt dixit:
> > 
> >> Just to note, -Werror=implicit-function-declaration will be the default
> >> behavior of Apple clang soon, hence the report we received and the
> >> desire to fix this soon.

I see - as long as it's on the command-line, and not hardcoded into clang
(though past experience suggests that's too much to expect).

For the moment, I'll proceed with the command-line.

Thomas E. Dickey <>

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