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[Lynx-dev] Project contributions

From: dacav
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Project contributions
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2020 07:43:30 +0200

Hello, Lynx

My name is Giovanni, known around as Dacav.  I've been using lynx since a
good while now, and I it is my preferred browser (the one I like most
among text browsers, the one I would like to use always, but I can't, as
you all know, due to today's stupid web).

So, first off, a big thank you for your work, it is really appreciated.

I was then wondering what do you think about the (relatively new) "Gemini"
protocol [ ].  Is there some
ideas/ongoing effort about supporting it in Lynx?  Would you accept some
patch for supporting it?

Best regards
- dacav

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