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[Lynx-dev] What blanks the blank spaces at the beginning of a line?

From: russellbell
Subject: [Lynx-dev] What blanks the blank spaces at the beginning of a line?
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 06:44:37 -0600

        Quoth Thomas Dickey, 'Lynx puts blanks at the beginning of
each line (except headers, etc) as part of its built-in style.'
        I don't know how to correlate that with code.  Is it in
        Quoth Thomas Dickey, 'if your terminal description is
inconsistent with the terminal'
        That isn't my case.
        Quoth Thomas Dickey, 'if the problem appears in some
distribution (versus a self-built kernel),'
        I've built my kernels for 20 years.  No other app has the
problem.  I built all the test apps in the ncurses development
package: they work.

        Quoth Bela Lubkin, 'Your symptoms sound potentially like what
happens when one output layer believes that the TAB character
overwrites the columns it passes over with spaces, while the actual
output hardware just moves the cursor....'
        Thanks.  None of the stuff you suggested made a difference.  I
think lynx doesn't use TABs, does it?  HTML treats TABs as single
SPACEs, right?  If so, a browser asserting one would be un-HTML.

russell bell

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