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[Lynx-dev] Next Gen Science Support

From: Maryellen deLacy
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Next Gen Science Support
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 03:00:25 +0000 (UTC)

Hi There,

Is your team making the change to the new science standards? Change is much easier with ready resources and help.

We’re partnering with 10 new K-8 school communities in your state, and you can be one of them.

We'll help your district teaching teams transform their everyday classrooms into the next generation of hands-on inquiry labs – but that doesn’t mean giving up your summer.

Scope, sequence, lesson plans, materials —we’ve already done it all for the new standards.

Schools participating in the partner program will receive the following full-year resources.

  1. Grade-specific curriculum and lessons
  1. Professional development and personalized coaching
  1. Ready-to-use hands-on materials, nonfiction reading, and assessments

Take this opportunity to experience next generation-designed resources with the help of an experienced team.

These 10 spots will fill quickly. Don’t hesitate to reach out now to learn if this opportunity is right for you. I can be reached at 617-475-3475 x2006 or by replying to this email.

Best regards,


Maryellen deLacy
KnowAtom | Curriculum Specialist
(617) 475-3475 x2006




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