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Re: [Lynx-dev] Unexpected behavior downloading Lynx's binary

From: L A Walsh
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] Unexpected behavior downloading Lynx's binary
Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2017 17:13:25 -0800
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Thorsten Glaser wrote:
L A Walsh dixit:

The "Content-Encoding" gzip is a feature of many web-server software
packages.  Your client would automatically uncompress it before
storing it.  This is independent of any file format.

That’s precisely what I said, thank you for repeating it.
Did you mean in this message?:

Thorsten Glaser wrote:

What he means (I think — I occasionally experience a similar problem)
is that content served with a “Content-Encoding: gzip” header should
be decompressed by lynx before being saved by the (D)ownload process
(or passed to a DOWNLOADER utility).
        Since I wasn't clear what you were saying.
You said you experience a similar problem, which confused
me, as I didn't see what the problem was.

Then you write that content served with a "Content-Encoding: gzip"
header "should" be decompressed by lynx, which, to me, implied that
it wasn't happening in some cases.  But that wasn't what the
original poster was talking about.  It seemed they were confused
about the use of "Content...gzip" in the header and the fact that the files were bzip2 or "zoo" -- and that they were not gzipped files.
I was saying that the two are completely separate - and, unlike
what you wrote, I didn't have or see any problem with such.  I
still don't know what problem you experience -- but I didn't see it being the same as the poster problem which was just being
"confused".  If that was your problem, as well, then I understand
why I might be confused about what you meant! :-)

Or were you expressing a bit of sarcasm in your thanking me for
repeating your point?


p.s. I only joined the list shortly before I posted my question
about how to get coloring to work, so if you posted anything
before that, I didn't see it...

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