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Re: [Lynx-dev] Invoking a lynx script

From: Graham Lawrence
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] Invoking a lynx script
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 16:17:37 -0700

Below is the listing of my bash script to copy the current lynx page
text into vim.  It requires xdotool and wmctrl installed.  I use only
a single invocation of lynx and vim, and the script relies on that
fact.  I don't know how wmctrl would react if asked to activate one of
several apps with the same name.  I run the script by pressing Mod4+p,
a key mapping I have set in ~/.fluxbox/keys, rather than set a key
mapping for it in vim, so I do not need to have vim active when I want
to copy the page.  To run it when vim is the active app, vim must be
in Normal mode, in Insert mode it captures the keystroke before
fluxbox can.

#set -xv # This script copies current lynx page text into vim at cursor
rm -f ~/dump
wmctrl -a lynx
sleep 0.3
xdotool key p sleep .3 key Return sleep .3 key ctrl+u sleep .3 type /home/g/dump
xdotool key Return
wmctrl -a vim
sleep 0.3
xdotool key Escape sleep .3 type :r ~/dump
xdotool key Return

On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 2:47 PM, Bela Lubkin <address@hidden> wrote:
> Graham Lawrence wrote:
>> Bela, I received your response asking that I post my question to the
>> list rather than to you personally.  I took that as an indication that
>> emailing you directly was undesirable.  So I did not respond to it
>> explicitly, only implicitly, by posting my question to the list as you
>> requested.  I received a reply from Thomas Dickey, for which I thanked
>> him, and considering the issue closed, made no further post.  Instead
>> I wrote the bash script alternative I had alluded to in my reply to
>> Thomas, and now dump lynx pages into vim with a single keystroke
>> combination, or 2 keystrokes as you prefer to count it.
> I don't think I saw the repost; or maybe you posted in different wording
> and I didn't recognize the congruence of the messages.  As well, I don't
> remember seeing a 1-2 key solution as you mention here.  This could all
> be because I failed to receive a message or two; or because I read them
> inattentively and didn't gather the details.  In any case I've already
> deleted all of the past of this conversation, so I can't investigate :(
> Anyway, I'm not very interested in what/why that happened, I chalk it up
> to the vagaries of asynchronous multi-way communications and don't worry
> about it.
> What I *am* interested in is to hear the details of how you solved this
> down to a 1-key action!
> PS: I prefer not to receive direct copies of list postings.  They
> exacerbate the asyncronicity problem.  Posts laundered through the list
> are generally in correct perceptual order since each reply is not
> provoked until the replier receives the message he's replying to.  Mail
> to my mailbox is more likely to be mis-ordered because the mail host's
> connection is less reliable, leading the sending mail daemons to invoke
> their delay algorithms -- which are different for every sending host.
> Plus, I read the different mailboxes with different frequencies.
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