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Re: [Lynx-dev] RCS to Git

From: Keith BOWES
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] RCS to Git
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 01:10:35 -0400
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Je 2011-Jul-14 je 14:07, Ken Hornstein skribis:
> >Absolutely.  git is overused and misused.  Its development model
> >supports the "everyone does their own thing and then when we're ready
> >for a new version, the changes are merged and made public."  It seems
> >too cathedral and not enough bazaar.
> Respectfully ... I think you're confusing the tool with how it's used.
I don't think so.  The very point of git is that it's a decentralized
system.  Everyone does their own thing and everything is kept from the
"thousand eyeballs" until all the changes are pushed and merged.  That's
just a "feature" of distributed systems.  That's very different from the
client/server model, which allows users to see the latest and greatest
code as soon as it's committed (of course, you could push to the central
git repository on each commit, but that betrays the stated advantages of
such a system and is twice the number of commands).

Also, I notice that git is SLOW.  Doing something that takes seconds
with CVS takes minutes with git, and things that take minutes with CVS
takes hours with git.

> I will admit to being a fan of git; we switched from CVS to git for nmh
> because all of the major developers said, "Boy, coming back to CVS sure
> seems awful after having used other revisions control systems for a
> while".
I remember thinking something of that nature when I went back to CVS
from SVN.  It was great to have something that actually did what you
told it to do.

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