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[Lynx-dev] session→syslog?!

From: Thorsten Glaser
Subject: [Lynx-dev] session→syslog?!
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 15:36:52 +0000 (UTC)

This is a more than serious bug (possible disclosure of passwords,
definitive disclosure of privacy), if lynx does this out of the box:

15:32⎜<thkoehler:#grml> uh
15:32⎜<thkoehler:#grml> Nov 10 15:07:15 desktop-tk lynx[4685]: Session start
15:32⎜<thkoehler:#grml> when did lynx start logging all of its session to 
15:33⎜<thkoehler:#grml> including all URLs :)
15:33⎜<lynx:#grml> eh
15:33⎜<mika:#grml> *lol*
15:33⎜<lynx:#grml> wtf
15:33⎜<mika:#grml> grep p0rn ~log/syslog
15:33⎜<lynx:#grml> yuk. *makes mental note to exclude session support on next 
lynx upgrade*
15:33⎜<thkoehler:#grml> Nov 10 15:07:15 desktop-tk lynx[4685]:
15:33⎜<thkoehler:#grml> Nov 10 15:07:22 desktop-tk lynx[4685]:
15:33⎜<mika:#grml> yuk. *makes mental note to exclude lynx from grml-live*
15:33⎜<lynx:#grml> wtf.
15:33⎜<thkoehler:#grml> really funny

I don’t know if this is a packaging or a lynx (upstream) bug.

15:39⎜«mika:#grml» mira|AO: "mit XFree86® wär’ das nicht passiert" - muhaha
15:48⎜<thkoehler:#grml> also warum machen die xorg Jungs eigentlich alles
kaputt? :)    15:49⎜<novoid:#grml> thkoehler: weil sie als Kinder nie den
gebauten Turm selber umschmeissen durften?      -- ~/.Xmodmap wonders…

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