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RE: [Lynx-dev] Circled numerals

From: Sándor Halász
Subject: RE: [Lynx-dev] Circled numerals
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 09:13:33 -0500

>>>> 2010/02/16 14:52 -0600, Larson, Timothy E. >>>>
I'd tend to use "(X)" for circled character "X" and "((X))" for double-circled 
character "X".  I know this introduces ambiguity with parenthesized versions, 
but I think that's bound to happen when you reduce everything to ASCII 
representations.  For example, I think "(y)" says "circled y" better than the 
"y-o" that's currently the Lynx replacement for character U+24e8.

Regarding the negative circled characters (e.g. U+24eb), the general "rule" in 
Lynx is to "double up" or capitalize to mean darker/stronger (e.g. U+260e, 
U+260f).  So I'd suggest "(((X)))" as representations in those cases. 
I, too, better like round brackets but suggested only as it seemed to me that 
it was in keeping with the "already-there".

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