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[Lynx-dev] V-page. Comp-Sci question: "jumping back in" via V-page: coro

From: David Combs
Subject: [Lynx-dev] V-page. Comp-Sci question: "jumping back in" via V-page: coroutine, continuation, what?
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 05:02:56 -0400
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Sometimes, like just a minute ago, I'm reading articles
linked to from eg

I finish the article, hit "h" to go back to truthout and
its list of articles, but oops, I hit the "h" TWICE (for
whatever reason), and I'm back in my bookmarks-page, cursor
still sitting at

Question: how to get back to where I was, ie where the *first* h had
returned me to (from reading an article)?

Currently, I believe, there's no way to get back into truthout,
*cursor at same point that first h got me to" -- before being
popped off a presumed stack (hmmm -- I wonder just how that
v-page algorithm works, what data-structure, etc).

Rather, I must again "click" (ie, hit <return>) the truthout-link,
and I end up at the top of truthout, now down where I had been
before my extra h.

QUESTION:  What would it take to be able to do just that, ie
get back to exactly where I had been?

QUESTION: Looking at the V-page "tree", what would it take
to be able go directly to any of those V-page nodes,
landing there with the cursor at where it had been when I
had last been there?

Hmmm.  We already do have the V-page data structure, whatever
it is, that shows the path we had been on when we first
hit a node (site).  And if we "click" on it, we'll end up
at the *top* of that page.

What would we have to save in that V-graph or whatever it is,
just the number (the square-bracketed numerical label of
the link) we were last at?

And what about after getting back there, we hit h,
what happens?  Do we go to the father-node as shown in the

Anyway, interesting questions, with maybe not-so-difficult
solutions.  (Not that I's asking for Lynx to have this
ability -- although it would be useful!)

Thanks for reading this far!  

And any followups are MOST welcome!


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