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[Lynx-dev] configure

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: [Lynx-dev] configure
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 17:33:30 -0500
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.17+20080114 (2008-01-14)

The current version of lynx is 2.8.6

It's available at
2.8.7 Development & patches:

2008-02-17 (2.8.7dev.8)
* add "nano" to list of editors accepting +number option (patch by Tim Chase)
* add configure --with-nss-compat option, for building with NSS library's
  OpenSSL-compatible interface (patch by Zdenek Prikryl)
* minor fix for version message to ensure WWW version shows when not building
  with OpenSSL -GV
* make "--more--" message configuable -PBM
* improve multibyte editing (patch by Sergej Kvachonok)
* add XWINDOWS / NON_XWINDOWS environment-variable field to DOWNLOAD, etc., in
  lynx.cfg to specify whether a downloader (printer, etc) is enabled when
  the X display variable is set -PBM
* add configure script options --enable-session-cache and --enable-progressbar
  for PBM's experimental session and progressbar features -TD
* add session save/restore feature -PBM
  + bind ^X to toggle view of page showing session information
  + add binding for ^U to previous-document (outside of line-editing).
  + documented command-line options and configuration data for this feature.
  + document -child_relaxed option in Lynx users's guide.
* use vasprintf() if available, fixes Fedora #462449 -TD
* several small changes to configure script to work with MirBSD build
  environment -TG
* show progress message in X509 callback -TG
* modify definition of lynxrc and cookies files in LYMain.c and LYrcFile.c to
  make it simpler for build script to override -TD
* reviewed patches at
  improved buffer allocation limits in makeuctb.c -TD
* add support for the X.509 extension subjectAltName using GNUTLS -Joey Schulze
* add SSL_CERT_FILE to lynx.cfg -Joey Schulze
* fix spelling error in HTAccess.h comment (report by Paul de Weerd) -TD
* add null-pointer checks to cover a special case of exit on error while
  reading from the standard input (report by Pascal Terjan) -TD

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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