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Re: [Lynx-dev] Lynx 2.8.7 and numeric IPv6 adddresses

From: hsv
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] Lynx 2.8.7 and numeric IPv6 adddresses
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 17:28:01 -0500

>>>> 20080108 09:35 -0500, Thomas Dickey >>>>
double-quotes can appear in a node-name (something like that - I've seen
it documented but don't recall the exact terminology up at the node level).

wildcards at least are comparable to other systems: "*"
Double-quotes are also used for filenames on external devices wheron it is
not guaranteed that the VMS naming rules are followed, eg, on magnetic tape.
Maibe this is irrelevant to Lynx.

In the directory path there is also the trailind wildcard "..." which stands
for the directory s descendants, too, and the leadind character "-." which
is like "../" in Unix.

Maibe it is time for a VMS reference, ....

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