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Re: [Lynx-dev] -cfg does not work

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] -cfg does not work
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 11:52:13 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 22 Dec 2007, Eduardo Chappa wrote:


 I am currently using lynx 2.8.6rel1, and I run into the following problem.

My home directory was until yesterday in a machine which set the home to /rc04/d16/chappa. Today that changed to /rc12/d12/chappa. Lynx complains when I start that

Configuration file "/rc04/d16/chappa/scratch/lynx/lynx2-8-6.1/etc/lynx.cfg" is not available.

but even when I start it as

lynx -cfg="~/scratch/lynx/lynx2-8-6.1/etc/lynx.cfg"

it still replies with the above message. Running strings on lynx shows that the path of its configuration file is set in the binary:

$ strings lynx | grep rc04

Does this mean that every time that my home directory is moved, that I will need to rebuild lynx?

No - it shouldn't be needed.  Right now I'm not able to reproduce the
problem, so I need a little more information.  Some possibilities:

        a) if $LYNX_CFG is set to the old location, lynx may try to use

        b) the -trace option should show the actual arguments.  I just
           checked 2.8.6rel.1 this way, and it seems to be doing the
           right thing:

unset LYNX_CFG
export HOME=/tmp/FOO
./lynx -trace -cfg="~/foo2.cfg" -lss=../etc/lynx.lss -dump .

parse_arg(arg_name=-cfg=~/foo2.cfg, mask=2, count=2)
parse_arg lookup(cfg=~/foo2.cfg)
parse_arg(arg_name=-lss=../etc/lynx.lss, mask=2, count=3)
parse_arg lookup(lss=../etc/lynx.lss)
parse_arg(arg_name=-dump, mask=2, count=4)
parse_arg lookup(dump)
...skip (mask 2/4)
parse_arg(arg_name=., mask=2, count=5)
parse_arg startfile:.
Current directory is /tmp/FOO2/bin

        c) I did also consider whether the directory permissions would
           cause lynx to skip a file if they're too permissive, but
           that doesn't seem to apply here.

        d) I did check if setting $HOME would confuse lynx - not that

Thomas E. Dickey

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